I need your help on a htought

I will be moving to a new city and a new house that my talented sister is helping me renovate.

The house is in a guard gated community on a golf course and will have a lovely expansive feel. I am going to decorate it in a minimalist fashion. One of the things I envision is that this will be a place for me to grow and become a very grounded, mindful intelligent human being.

My dilemma is that I many of the people I know, including me, are judgmental about “luxury homes”, guard gated communities, and golf courses.
I have been a highly intellectual, non materialistic person.
I am afraid I will alienate people.

That said, I feel it is going to be the right vibe for me to expand as a human being. It will motivate me to keep things clean, inside and out.

It is safe and a very pedestrian friendly, cyclist friendly environment for a single older woman …me…

but I feel I belong in the city, in an urban environment, with in a small house …

Can you help me?
Will I alienate “my intellectual peeps”