Need help with a model.

Hiya Brooke, I’ve been focusing my January thought downloads on my business goals and resistance to putting in the time necessary for client fulfillment and marketing. I’m aware that choice and preference might have something to do with this, but not clear yet on how. I had this thought about my parents’ divorce 45 years ago during a thought download: “Parents shouldn’t badmouth each other to their kids. They shouldn’t put their kids in the middle and make them choose one over the other.” As soon as I wrote “”make them choose one over the other” I knew I was on to a thought that has been running me ever since and suspect that it has a relationship to present day resistance to working in and on my business. What do you think? Am I making too much of a leap here? Do I need to break it down some more? If so, please give me a bit of direction on how to do that. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.

You suggested in a previous answer to”Model need new thought idea” to bring the model into the present tense and in a very specific situation. So here goes.
Past Model–
C: my mother said, your father is a bastard and if you don’t hate him like I do, you’ll be causing me great pain
T: If I say “no” to my mother, she won’t love me or take care of me.
F: Anger
A: I chose to side with my mother and denied feelings of love for my dad so I could hate him.
R: focus on what she wanted instead of my own preferences and choices, disconnect from myself.

Present model–
C: I have a client proposal to get out.
T: No matter what I offer him, it won’t be enough.
F: helpless and put upon
A: procrastinate, then do it resentfully
R: unclear about deliverables.

Thanks so much. Monique