Need help with new thoughts

I noticed a pattern of over-responsibility with my coaching clients. I think it comes from a 15 year retail background where no matter what the customer is right and my only job was to sell and please them(or so I thought for years). I decided to do a couple of models on it and getting stuck on finding a new thought that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable.. here’s what I came up with.

C: I am a life coach. I have clients.
Th: I am responsible for my clients growth.
F: overwhelm, heavy, burden, nervous, worried, overly responsible
A: Do anything to make them pleased, reply to emails ASAP, get on spot coaching calls the day of anytime they ask
R: Sacrifice my energy, I am not being the best coach when I am in “pleasing mode”, they don’t sign on for another package.
Th: It is not my responsibility to please my clients. It is my responsibility to coach them and that is it.
F: Uncomfortable
(While I know this is true, it’s almost like my brain isn’t ready to believe it. Do you have a recommendation for something inbetween?)

Another one that I did…
C: I heard your 100K podcast- where you talk about giving so much value.
Th: I am afraid I’m not doing enough.
F: Guilty
A: overthinking, going into a spiral of unhelpful thoughts
R: not productive, not adding more value.
Th considerations: I am doing enough, How can I add more value?
neither are totally resonating though.
Any idea’s here?

Thank you so much!!