Need help with a Model re smelly co-worker

Hi Brooke and Coaches!
I work in a small, professional office with a woman who has worn the exact same outfit every day for 4 years. She either stinks like body odor or she puts so much perfume on I have to go outside frequently in order to deal with it. I have spoken to her about the perfume and she wears it less often, but I have not said anything re her smell. I have spoken to my immediate boss about it but he says he does not care and will not do anything about it. I am thinking it is time for me to move on from this job but before I do that I want to make sure my thinking is clear. I need help with an intentional model.
Unintentional Model
C – Co-Worker
T – She stinks like b.o or has so much perfume on I can hardly breath.
F – Disgusted
A – Speak with her about perfume, leave office to get fresh air, think about quitting
R – Co-Worker still wears same outfit she has worn every day for 4 years and still stinks.
Intentional Model
C – Co-Worker
R – Co-Worker does not stink (I realize I can not control this, what do I put here? )
Thank you!!