Need help with prospective adopted cat and disrupted sleep

I love cats. My beloved little one passed last year and after 9 months of grieving, I’m ready to love and take care of another. A friend of a friend is looking for a new home for their cat and I am considering him. He has stayed with me for the past two days. I like him and I’m open to the possibility of being his new mama. But there’s an issue. He has meowed all night for the last two nights and my sleep has been choppy.

I have experienced sleep maintenance insomnia since 2012 and I believe that my sleep is a sensitive thing and that I can’t feel good in and about my life when I wake up feeling tired. I’ve woken up feeling neutral or good more times than not over the last month and want to protect that.

I get scared when anything interrupts my sleep pattern over the course of a few nights because historically it takes me 2-3 weeks to amend the damage.

I wrote on this today.

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Model 1:
C – Niko meowed over the course of 5 hours.
T – He kept waking me up. I slept terribly 2 nights straight.
F – Powerless. Upset. Tired. Resentful.
A – Give Niko back to Emily.
R – No animal companion. Sleep may improve.

Model 2:
C – I woke up at least 5 times through the night after hearing Niko’s meowing.
T – Multiple bad nights of sleep in a row will result in 2 to 3 weeks of worse insomnia.
F – Panicked
A – Get rid of the cat.
R – No animal companion. Sleep may improve.

Help much appreciated.