Need new thoughts about baby waking up

Hi Brooke and coaches. We’re on an extended trip on the east coast (we live on the west) with our two kids. The younger one is nine months old. He has been waking up 10-15 times a night each night, screaming. There are no medical issues. We have resorted to holding him all night, which seems to comfort him. I’m chalking it up to a million new faces (huge extended family), jet lag, new place, new climate, out of routine. Those thoughts feel good to me. But. I also have the thought “he shouldn’t be waking up this much” and “I’m missing out on all the post-6 pm adult visiting” and “I’m soooo tired from so much interrupted sleep” and “I have literally no alone time which I need.” I’d love some other thoughts to try on. I’ve come up with “this is temporary; we’ll get back to a routine when we’re home” and “enjoy the snuggles; he’ll be grown up so fast.” But in the moments of waking up 10-15 times a night, I often first feel rage. Ideas for other new thoughts I could think? Thank you!