Need some help and clarity around my Models

Unintentional Model:

C – My Life
T – I won’t be able to make money
F – Ashamed
A – I cover up the shame by being ‘busy’. I’m always ‘doing’ things, but never selling.
R – I am not able to make money

1. Is choosing ‘My Life’ a correct C for the model, or would you say C is something else?
2. I uncovered that I don’t believe I can make money. Is “I don’t believe I can make money” another thought I need to run a separate model on?
3. When doing the intentional model, do we need to keep the same C? I was thinking about the following C and a model around it:
C – I’m thinking the thought “I wont be able to make money”
T – This is a sentence in my head, not a fact
F – Astonished
A – I question my thought and become very curious about my thinking.
R – The belief starts to lose its grip on me
Would this be an appropriate Intentional Model to my unintentional model, even though I changed the C?

Thank you in advance! 🙂