Negative embarrassing memory

I have a memory of something I said that hurt the feelings of a close family friend that pops into my head every few months and makes me feel terrible. I then immediately try to avoid the thought by distracting myself with something else because it makes me feel so embarrassed and ashamed. Specifically, I made a rude comment about this person’s husband, not realizing she was in the room and heard me. This happened probably 10 years ago, the person has never mentioned it. I see her quite often, she buys presents for my kids, and everything is seemingly fine. It just seems silly to keep beating myself up over this after all this time, but the memory and corresponding feeling seems to come into my mind involuntarily. How can I stop this? Below is my attempt at a model, but not sure how to create an intentional model to get over this. Thank you!

C: A memory from my past when I made a comment about a friend’s husband appears pops into my brain.
T: I am a terrible person for saying that and hurting my friend.
F: Embarrassed, ashamed
A: Immediately attempt to push the thought away, distract myself with other things
R: The memory keeps reappearing and causing the same thoughts/feelings.