Negative emotions we CHOOSE to feel

I’m working through the November workbook, filling in ‘negative emotions we choose to feel on purpose’. I could come up with five: sadness, angry, disappointment, grief, disgust. Peeked at your list, adding: pain, fear, loss (though not sure ‘loss’ is a feeling).

The list of things that we feel anyway, and we’re better off allowing them and working through them, instead of resisting: discomfort, deprivation, urges, over-desires, boredom, dissatisfaction, failure, insecurity, rage, anxiety. But these are not feelings we/I would CHOOSE to feel on purpose, right? (Maybe ‘rage’ makes the list). Neither are examples of feelings that can be indulgent: confusion, doubt, worry, overwhelm, victimized. I wouldn’t CHOOSE to feel those either.

Can you explain more on the concept of negative emotions we choose to feel? More examples would definitely help (associated with C and T would be great!)