negative imaginary scenarios & believing intentional thoughts

Hi Brooke
I’m a newbie as of October, still figuring out how to manage all these resources… (thank you : )
I’m working on the homework. I have learned that half my thoughts are based on imaginary scenarios. The feelings are real but the story is made up. Actually, they are negative imaginary scenarios. At first I was thinking “why am I letting my imagination control my feelings?” but, now… “why don’t you use your power of imagination for good?” But clearly, I must work on the why I have so many negative stories.
C: had a dream that my son was sick (disclosure/context: I lost my daughter to an illness many years ago)
T: my son could get sick
F: terrified
A: I create an entire imaginary story in my mind that he is sick and he could die
R: I cry and panic and tell myself this thought is irrational and he is fine. My brain tries to override the feeling, but I still feel it temporarily.

I have also noticed when I categorize my thought as “intentional” I don’t always believe it. So I have conflicting feelings over the thought.
C: project day
T: I worked hard today
F: accomplish & doubt/disappointment
A: argue with my self-critic
R: feeling like I could have worked harder

The awareness gained by studying your work has been impactful.
C: mindful of negative thoughts upon waking
T: Dam! I have to manage these bloody thoughts!
F: determined!
A: thought downloads + model
R: I’m starting to manage my thoughts : )
So I hope I’m on the right track here. I’m curious mostly about not believing my positive thought and how to overcome that pesky self-critic. Self-championing seems like a much better pursuit.
Thanks! Rae