Negativity as a buffer

Hello my friends…..that actually feels really good to say. Thanks Brooke! So I am here as my dare of the day x2. Have been wanting to ask a question and had an ah ha moment with my actual dare, which is to be happy all day. I was thinking that I had it down, sitting with my negative thoughts, but realized that I was doing it all of the time! My goal has always been to be that old lady that radiates wisdom and kindness, but at the rate I’m going, I will be the grouchy old lady that everyone wants to stay clear of! So here are my models.
C Happy
T I can’t remember the last time that I let myself be happy all day.
F Scared
A Stay in my negative thoughts.
R Not be happy.
C Happy
T I want to be happy so that I can relect happiness on others
F Inspired
A Put a smile on my face and think of puppies!
R Feel lighter inside
Thank you so much for the tools to push me to reach beyond life as I’ve known it. Feeling Happy!!