hello Brooke,
Should I use my situation with my neighbor as a relationship ? Both of us are single and We became neighbors in 2012. NO there is NO relationship in my opinion. We have only said an occasional hello to each other. My neighbor is showing signs of paranoid schizophrenia. He’s destroying that house inside and out. He has made several HOA violations (fact. I can see some of the inside destruction when the garage is open ). side bar: I was/am seriously considering a move. This was the case BEFORE he started displaying this behavior. I hadn’t moved because I hadn’t decided where I wanted to go. (RVing or move back to hometown)

C-mentally ill neighbor
T-Thank goodness I’m not in a situation that warrants a move or relocation, Keep your yard presentable regardless of what your neighbor is doing or not doing…. consider some Therapy by way of the Veteran’s Administration (my expectation are almost neutral about the therapy)
F-nothing on most days
A- contacted the veteran’s crisis line and told them about Mr. Harris (55+) , continue going about my business and living my life
R-began a conversation with a male relative who could be a potential renter one day

C-mentally ill neighbor
T-my neighbor is destroying that house inside and out ..AND driving my property value down , he’s 100% disabled so he isn’t paying property taxes, no MUD taxes and he used his Veteran’s loan which meant he didn’t have to put any money down (I know from looking online and I’m a veteran) .it’s unfair what he’s doing to the other homeowner’s property value
F- irritated annoyed, angry, disgusted
A-I’ve yelled to him, “to shut up!” 0_0 I know that wasn’t wise. I’ve called the police on him several times (wiser)
R- not kept my garden as kept as I would if he wasn’t living there (yes, I’m sure to keep the grass cut)