Netflix Drama With My Husband

My best friend and I share a Netflix account, but she created the password. My husband was trying to log in on a new device, but he couldn’t find where the password was written down. He asked me to text her and ask her what it was. I told him I didn’t want to. I know it would have been an easy thing for me to do, but he’s known her for almost 15 years, and I just didn’t see why I had to be involved at all. He kept asking why I couldn’t just do it, and saying it was awkward for him, but I just didn’t see why that had to become my problem.
He expects me to do anything that he feels is socially awkward i.e. calling the Thai place to order takeout, and I just don’t want to fill that role anymore.
Anyway, I was annoyed at him for being annoyed at me, which I guess is my choice, but now I’m struggling with whether I did the right thing or whether I should have just texted my friend and I’m curious to see what the coaches have to say about it. Thanks!