New to Scholars and scared to fail again

I just watched the first lose 8 in June call with Brooke. Could someone check my model and see if I am doing this correctly? I am feeling scared to fail again and wondering if this is going to work for me. I did a thought download.

Circumstance: I joined scholars
Thought: I have tried for 30 plus years to manage my weight. The handful of times I have lost weight I gain it all back and fail, I am spending too much money on myself
Feeling: Fear and hopelessness, I feel overindulgent on myself
Action: Ruminating on past failures, obsessive thoughts about failure, fearful thoughts of future, not sticking to plan 100%, instead of feeling emotions associated with not being able to eat junk or drink alcohol I avoid the feelings and try to use willpower
Result:I am worried and training my brain to stay in the thought loop

So now am I supposed to write a new Model that helps me?
Circumstance: I joined scholars
Thought: I need to learn how to manage my mind and emotions
Feeling: excited and in control
Action: Going to classes, reading Brooke’s book, eating on plan, feeling my emotions
Result: I will lose weight and have a better self image

I would appreciate feedback.
Thanks so much!