Next Step regarding Private Facebook Group for My Business?

Hi Brooke – Our paths have not crossed directly before (until now), but I was in Angela Lauria’s mentorship for 2 years and wrote 6 books with her, I’ve been coached by Jill Angie on overeating (lost 30 lbs), Master Coach through Martha Beck’s program, and Mark is also my CFO for my coaching practice. (Oh, and student of Abraham as well) So, first of all, “Hello, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this program.”
There’s an element to this question that might appear to be a business question that I suspect I know the answer to, so that’s how I know there’s a thought that needs changed in order for me to take action in a way that feels good for me. I appreciate your insight…
I am a love and relationship coach, helping women in struggling marriage make a decision if they should stay (and make the relationship feel good again) or lovingly release it.
Over the summer, I invested in Russ Ruffino’s Clients on Demand program and the first thing he teaches in that program is to build a private Facebook group of people looking to solve the problem. Although everything I had learned previously told me to NOT do this…I agreed to be coachable and I thought, “Let’s see what happens.” Plus, this was good practice for me to consistently show-up as the alpha, posting daily, engaging, challenging their thinking, etc. In 2 months and only about $600 in advertising, The Disconnected Marriage group grew to 1700 people. Even after some of my best efforts to challenge them to think differently, much of the group is still spending a lot of time complaining about their husbands, rather than looking within and how to change themselves. I understand this because none of them have invested in coaching to really be able to move beyond the problem and I clearly cannot help them solve this through a simple FB group. So, the group drains my energy, does not help me get new clients and sometimes, I wonder if I’m doing more harm than good by giving them a forum for them to reinforce their thoughts.
You might be asking, “Why are you still hosting this group?” And that is my question….so here’s the thought I’m wanting to understand and change so that I know what my next step is:
C: I host a FB group with 1700 members
T: I should keep this group going (that’s 1700 people that need my help!)
F: Heavy, uninspired, obligated and annoyed
A: Harsher in the group than I care to be or avoid engaging now with the members
R: Not one new coaching client (not from its inception months ago)

So, if I make the commitment to keep the group going, I need to change my thoughts around it.
Or, I need to release the group because as I’ve been taught by others, this just isn’t a solid strategy (That’s based upon my teaching of, “people who join free groups don’t actually want to solve their problem, they just want to complain about it.”)
Thanks – Sharon Pope