niche follow up (again)

Ok, you said to schedule and move forward but i’ve had a hard time committing to helping self employed “cultural creative” including wellness practitioners and natural living advocates who are intelligent, passionate and dedicated to family and work. In defining their problem, feeling stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed wasn’t specific enough.

I realized I am really interested in especially helping moms with the problem of struggling to find work-life-family balance. Their adrenals are shot because they don’t make time to take care of themselves and are stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed.

If i back that up to see who i want to help, its: Smart, passionate, naturally-minded moms who are self employed and are dealing with adrenal or thyroid issues, which leave them exhausted and overwhelmed and they struggle daily to find balance in their lives.

So, my question is, if i use adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues to be a qualifier of my niche, do i still need to be more specific as to the type of industry these moms work in? Or is the adrenal/thyroid issue enough? or is this more of the problem than the niche?

Most people who are overwhelmed with stress and exhaustion have adrenal fatigue as a result, but that is not necessarily common knowledge, and often it takes a doctor or other provider to point people in that direction, which is where i could come in with my coaching them…

Sorry, I realize that I am getting in my head about this too much. My biggest mistake is asking for feedback on my work in progress and it ends up confusing me when people tell me my niche is too specific and how on earth will i find enough clients.

Thanks again. I promise I’ll take this and run with it during my scheduled time in my calendar next week lol.