Niche, Niche and More Niche

Hello! You are awesome. Just thought I’d start with that 😉

1) Niche idea: Women in their 30s NYC who work in corporate who are mid-exec level but suffer from imposter syndrome. They want to get promoted but this is one thing that is stopping them. They avoid situations that seem risky because they are afraid they would be “found out.” Solution is a 5-part coaching program on… ?.

2) Niche part 2: There are so many of us that have niche issues! Someone (not me!) should have their niche be helping coaches pick a niche before they enter The Life Coach School!

3) Niche part 3: Along the same lines, this would be a great call to have each month! Like study halls where people are not coached directly, but can just fire out their niche ideas and have laser feedback 🙂 just an idea.