Niche vs ideal client?

Is there a difference between your niche and an ideal client? I have been working on both and am confusing myself lol.

My ideal coaching client is a mom. She is an entrepreneur, a business owner or a work from home mom. She is intelligent, passionate, creative and determined. She craves an unconventional life, and is an out of the box thinker with an adventurous spirit. She is doing or wants to do meaningful work in the world, but struggles to find the time between parenting and household responsibilities. She often feels stressed and overwhelmed and struggles to find the time to accomplish her daily tasks, let alone build her business. Or, she is successful at her business but feels she is failing at home. She dreams of the elusive balanced, joyful life and craves more time to relax and simply enjoy her life. She is exhausted and depleted, and may deal with chronic health issues. She puts everyone’s needs before her own and believes self care is a foreign concept, a luxury she cannot afford. She loves her family, her work and her life but feels that she is never enough.

My paragraph describing niche/target market, problems, solution.

I coach creative, passion-driven entrepreneurs, business owners and work from home moms, age 30-50. Daring, intentional and compassionate women who want the best for their kids and their clients or business, but so often feel stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted or guilty that it is never enough. These moms also feel divided between their goals and aspirations and the demands of parenting and their personal relationships and may lack clarity on how to move from surviving parenthood, work and life to thriving.

Through coaching, I guide you as we explore the tensions between your personal needs, expectations in relationships, demands of parenting or home life and navigate your need to do meaningful work in the world. I help you to clarify your values and priorities and implement action steps to meet you goals.

With support, you will create a cohesive vision for your life as you cultivate the changes you desire. You can let go of unnecessary stress, worry and fear. You will feel more present, calm and joyful. You are empowered to live in alignment with YOUR purpose and live YOUR life of passion.

Next I will develop a specific program as a solution to their problems…