No past to work on. So I thought.

(Do I really make lemonade out of lemons or was I in denial?)
I didn’t think I really had anything major in my past that needed to be thought about differently.
Until…I read someone’s question. There was one tiny word that triggered something in me. It was totally unexpected and I felt completely emerged in a river of embarrassment and overwhelming shame, more than I have ever felt, to the point I could easily vomit (pretty sure I tasted it a little).
This work can be hard, heavy and oh so uncomfortable. But I knew, as I sat right there in the middle of this messy truth of my life, I would make my way across this river. And it would so totally be worth it. I did the work.

I can see myself a little clearer now and why I do some things that I do. I am so thankful for the tools to walk myself through this. They gave me the ability to swim across the river. There was no need to indulge in self loathing. There was no reason to be fearful. What I am most appreciative of through this, is the ability to love my whole-self. Which has in turn given me skills to love others deeper.

Thank.You. Brooke.

I imagine others could be finding things they didn’t realize were buried so deep.
How sweet the release and oh the possiblities once its uncovered and intentionally thought about.

You ARE uncovering world changers indeed.