Noodling on Thoughts and Emotions

Things I am noodling on . .

– Thoughts are neutral. When I have an emotion, that is a signal that I am putting meaning to a thought.
– It isn’t bad or good, it is what I do as human being.

– Which has me considering that the strength of the emotion (or the urge) gives me an indication of how much meaning or how much “commitment”(?) I have to that thought, and to what degree I consider it positive or negative. – ( What is also fascinating is I can have a huge commitment or put a ton of meaning to a thought that I am not even knowing that I am having).

Am I on the right track here?

If I am, I am starting to get a glimpse (I’ve been a Scholar since January 2020). of how much freedom there will be when I have the capacity to notice my thoughts as thoughts and my emotions as emotions.

Building on the above, I am also noticing that there is a whole arena of thought and emotion that I know exists – that I can feel on some “energetic or subtle level” – but I can’t quite touch or verbalize. I have my suspicions that when I am able to be conscious of these thoughts and emotions there will be a huge amount of freedom and capacity to create anything that I want – because I am not tied to my thoughts or emotions. The energy of those thoughts and emotions can then serve me better….

It almost feels like I am training a dog? Yes??? (I mean this in a good way).

Am I on the right track?

I am also seeing how this all leads to “not being at the effect of life” . I literally do create my life. And that my #1 asset is my brain and also my ability to simply feel, to simply be – so that I can have a relationship to my thoughts and emotions – which when I have a clear relationship with them I can do anything.