“Not Another Coaching Niche Question!”

I was in the Facebook group of a well-known “lifestyle business/entrepreneur” guru – and he asked the question: “What’s the 1 thing that’s holding you back from being successful?” 80% of the answers were things connected to mindset. Answers were things like … I feel stuck, fear, fear of rejection, overwhelm, confusion, doubting myself, overthinking, worried what others might think, afraid of failure, etc.

I believe “mindset” IS the big key – because, as you’ve taught, results come from thoughts. If you want better results, you need better thoughts. So I’d LOVE to serve these people. That EXCITES ME! But the interesting thing is that while entrepreneurs seem to know that it’s their thoughts that are keeping them stuck, I don’t know that they’re actively searching for “How to change my mindset so I can get unstuck”.

I’m wondering if targeting entrepreneurs who feel stuck (by fear, doubt, overwhelm, etc.) is a niche’d enough market. Something along the lines of “Unleash the Entrepreneur Within” type of marketing (obviously without knocking off Tony’s verbage). Or should I niche down even more? Curious what your thoughts are on going broad (entrepreneurs who are getting in their own way) or cranking it way down to something way, way more specific (i.e. Male entrepreneurs 40 to 50 who feel stuck and worry their time is almost up to create something big)?