Not doing the work!

I have not been doing SCS. I have not been working my IG2020. January has passed in a blur of repeated illnesses, excitement of a new relationship, and procrastination.

My thoughts around this center on what a loser I am, how obviously the model/SCS works for others but not for me because I (insert any depending on day) am a slacker/not good enough/don’t deserve to have a great life… blah blah blah ad nauseam.

What this really shows me? I struggle with being kind to myself. Ergo, I need this work more than ever. Here are is my UM. Struggling with the IM.

One of the things I appreciate here is the concept “it’s always waiting for you”.

C Scholars
T I am too undisciplined to ever change
F Unworthy
A Not do the work/buffer with phone/internet/sit around feeling sorry for myself
R stay stuck!

C Scholars