Not invited to meeting that I was initially supposed to (maybe) speak at…

I’ve been doing a lot of work around my feelings towards other women in groups /communities or even 1:1. I find that I get really judgemental or jealous and subsequently feel left out or rejected based on the actions (or even perceived actions) of others. I am thrilled I am in this process because I uncovered a huge pattern that I’ve had for years with this month’s work.

There is a lady in my new-ish community that was becoming a friend for awhile and over the last few months has seemed to step back, which I’ve had coaching on and I am applying new thoughts towards that situation.

Yesterday, at school pick up, I heard one of the moms mentioning that they were going to one of her meetings for women going back to work. She’d previously asked me to be a speaker at that meeting. I was not invited in the end. It bothered me because I thought it would have been a great way to tell more people that I am a coach and also I felt rejected.

Here are my models; however, I am struggling to find a good intentional model.

C Not invited to mom’s meet up
T That sucks. I really wanted to go.
F Rejected
A Eat pizza for dinner
R Broke my protocol and still not invited

C Not invited to mom’s meet up
T The moms’ had a meeting and it doesn’t correspond to me so I was’t invited
F neutral
A pick up my children and leave
R not reactiive