Not losing weight fast enough…

Hello. I am loving everything about the Urge Jar so far. I feel GREAT. I’ve lost about 3 lbs since 1 May but wonder why I am not losing more. The only part I am not following is planning my food out 100% however I have a fairly strict food protocol that I am following 100%. To get to goal weight the remaining weight loss is 42 lbs. I am not exercising regularly besides a 10 min walk/day and plan to add that in June.

I don’t eat any sugar, flour, meat, dairy, fried, processed or alcohol. 3 meals a day except for 3 days a week of IF for 16 hours. My breakfast is usually unsweetened coconut yogurt with blueberries and apple or pear with nuts and seeds (eg walnuts and pumpkin seeds). Lunch is typically a big salad with greens, tomatoes, avocado, beans and olive oil as a dressing. There may be other raw veg added but that is the base. Dinner is typically something warm such as lentils with brown rice and broccoli. I drink a ton of water and also have 2 cups of coffee per day.

I recognize it’s not yet 2 weeks and I recall that you should stick with it for at least 2 if not more. Please let me know if there is anything else you suggest I do in the meantime. Thanks!