Not sure how to behave

Hi. In the last few days I have been in social situations and I feel uneasy about what happened but I am not sure if I am making a big deal out of nothing.
I went to a networking event. First time, total strangers. Mostly men. I was one of the few women, 1 of 2 young women and probably one of the most attractive ones. The host took several actions shots with me in them. Many men talked to me, gave me their cards etc One person offered me a job as a model!.. and then after a host took a picture of the event on a professional camera, one man( much older than me) who was next to me in that picture said I look like his new girlfriend and wanted to take a selfie with me and he did. I felt uncomfortable about it but played along. For the rest of the evening all I could think is how is he going to use that selfie against me or to harm my reputation. Am I overthinking it? Is it OK to have a stranger take a selfie with you? What was I supposed to say? I don’t want to come off as a weirdo.

2 days later I am at a party. A host makes a joke about drinking champagne straight out of the bottle. I jokenly say “that’s how I do it”. And she starts pouring a drink from the bottle straight in my mouth and another girl is taking pictures of it! I felt so uncomfortable after that. I am a professional, a serious person, what if they post these pictures somewhere. I felt uncomfortable when they took them by I also felt uncomfortable saying please don’t take it or please delete it. Now I go to sleep with a heavy heart that on someone’s phone are pictures of me drinking straight from the bottle because I wanted to play along and don’t be odd.
Am I overthinking it? Is there anything wrong with a stranger taking a selfie with me and a friend pouring a drink from the bottle to my mouth?
What should I have said to prevent it and not look like an odd ball?
Please please help me. Please please please