Not taking action

I notice that I often take a lot of passive action, never taking any real action. I always seem to have excuses or reasons as to why I can’t take massive action yet. Excuses like:

I’m just not ready yet
It’s not the right time
I need to do xyz first
I’m too unsettled
I can’t focus
I need a different environment
I need a new computer first
I need a new calendaring system first
I need a quieter space first
I need to move first
I need a new highlighter to get organized
I need new pens to get organized first
I need to update my budget before getting started
I need to complete xyz first

Like for example I just interrupted this ask a coach and went and updated my budget. I can’t finish anything! Like, I stopped mid-sentence and updated my budget and then came back to it.

These thoughts all lead to procrastination, and no action being taken. Or I take action like reading or journaling or posting on ask a coach instead of starting to build my business.

Some of the excuses are valid. I’ll be doing a lot of travel for the next month and it’s going to be tough to really launch my business during that disarray. I am moving, and that does make it hard to feel settled.

C: Tasks written on to-do list
T: I can’t stick to this
F: Defeat
A: Fill my brain with buffering activities
R: I don’t stick to it

C: Tasks written on to-do list
T: I can’t think or focus
F: Frustrated
A: Spin around in buffering kinds of thoughts
R: I don’t focus and I don’t get anything done

Another one…

C: tasks on to-do list
T: I don’t have to do this now
F: Unmotivated
A: Buffer with useless passive action tasks
R: I don’t do it now

I think I have to believe that I’m good at completing tasks. Like, I’m a task completing wizard. I complete tasks with ease and I am a task completing wizard. I am totally committed to massive action.

Maybe I have to allow my feelings? And neutralize my thoughts around it first.

I feel unmotivated right now and that’s okay
Feeling unmotivated and unfocused is a vibration in my body, my judgment is optional
Feeling unmotivated and unfocused is a natural part of life, and my brain is offering me thoughts that cause me these feelings – nothing has gone wrong
I don’t always feel unmotivated and unfocused – this will also pass
Everybody feels unmotivated and unfocused sometimes – this isn’t a big deal
I have felt unmotivated before and have got my spark back
Unmotivated is part of the human experience
I have the ability to use my emotions as fuel when I choose to – right now I’m choosing unmotivated. I can change that whenever I want.
The fact that I can see I’m choosing unmotivated is powerful
I’m willing to see that I can choose another emotion
This emotion has just been wired into my brain
I’m feeling more motivated than I did a few minutes ago

Any suggestions on where to go with this? Thank you!