Not wanting to become who I have to be to get the results I want!

I am working through a long standing pattern of negative judgments about who I’d have to become to have what I want. It’s a very unfortunate pattern I was taught growing up (“only bad people make money”) and I’ve worked through it quite a lot, but when it comes to weight loss, I’m stuck. My mind is telling me that to lose weight I have to be shallow, vain, rigid, and pleasure avoidant. But I also tell myself that being fat is ugly and unhealthy and exhausting. The result I want is a strong, healthy, fit body. The person I have to become to get that result is a person I don’t want to be. My brain is telling me not to bother putting in the effort because I’ll become someone I don’t like. It’s trying to maintain the status quo — stuck in the Motivational Triad of seeking pleasure, avoiding pain, and not expending energy — don’t bother putting in the effort to lose weight, you’ll hate it! I know there’s a lot of thought errors in here but it’s a bit of a tangle.