Nothing Completed!

Today I scheduled my work time to learn about creating membership groups and getting that setup in the program that I was using. My goal was to have this completed today. I spent a lot of time watching tutorials to figure out some details to put all of this together. After several hours ( I went over my time) my results were minuscule. I’m trying a lot of new things with my business so the learning curve is huge which causes a lot of anxiety and second guessing of me moving forward with the business. I felt so overwhelmed that I just wanted to say “f – it!”. This is a familiar pattern for me that I am trying to break. My brain goes back to the past when I have done the same thing and then barely made any money and berated myself for failing yet again.

My current model:
C: membership group
T: this is too hard
F: overwhelm
A: buffer by eating, drinking coffee, checking Facebook and texts, telling myself that this is all pointless.
R: not achieving my result of creating a membership

My intentional model:
C: membership group
T: I will figure this out
F: calm
A: stay focused on the task, limit how long I give myself to set it up
R: moving forward

Thank you!