Noticing Irritability

I’ve noticed that a lot of things seem to be bothering me more than normal. Having been working on SCS for a few months, I was doing so good with really looking at things objectively & not getting all frustrated or upset. It’s taken some time to realize everyone else doesn’t have the same playbook & that’s OK.

Here’s what I’m struggling with – I went off some meds 6 weeks ago & wonder if that is affecting my mood – we’ve had A LOT going on at work & I am getting dumped on – my husband & I have not been on the same page & snap a lot.

C – Irritable
T – Which one of these things can I pinpoint as the cause
F – Frustrated
A – Gripe, complain behind boss’s back, roll my eyes at my husband
R – ??

Need some guidance. Maybe I need to do 3 separate models regarding the irritability??