Noticing lots of resistance!

Hi everyone, I am new to scholars this month. I have some REALLY strong resistance to planning my time, which completely surprised me. I can identify the different feelings (irritation, anger, resentment, fear, desperation – total tantrum) but I can’t pin down the thoughts causing them. There is basically one “A” and “R”- I buffer and procrastinate and consider giving up the whole thing instead of doing what I need to do, and then I don’t accomplish what I planned. I have been listening to Brooke’s podcast for a few months and I noticed I have the same issue with committing to an eating protocol, and I haven’t been able to do it (yet) without a complete mental meltdown. Any tips on how to go backwards with the model? I’m starting to realize there is a well concealed 2 year old in my brain that has been holding the reins all along.