Noticing the causes of my urges

Hi! I am noticing that the feeling I feel when I pay attention to most of my urges to overeat is physical pain. I have a lot of pain from some health conditions and injuries and I can even go back to when I was pregnant and would eat to feel better/less nauseated. I still get nauseas a lot. I snack to reduce my pain and nausea. I just noticed this connection today after learning about the Urge Jar a little while ago. I haven’t started any structured weight loss attempts because I want to work on emotional balance and self-confidence first, but being aware of it is so helpful. My question is, how can I find the thought that may be worsening the physical feeling – I think there must be a lot of thought that causes more pain, mostly because I have self-coached myself over the last 7 years – I was an active, able, busy mom and even a CrossFit trainer and then got sick and was bed-ridden for years, gained 80+ lbs, and am now out of bed and doing so much better, even lost some weight. I’m struggling to find the thoughts that are causing me to think I need to eat to feel less pain, though.