What Is a Fact? A Philosophical Question!

Today, I was doing my daily model as I always do.
The circumstance is that I have debts and don’t have money to pay.
As I wrote this, my brain went into bringing up all sorts of thoughts
One being about the fact that my balance is negative
Then, it started to throw up sentences around how I can fix the situation. I am a health coach and currently I have 2 clients that have already paid for their programs. So technically I have no payments expected in the current situation
The other fact is that I have been a health coach for 5 years. I have knowledge, I have experience.
Then my brain started telling me, in order to get more clients, I need to do something different and take my work seriously, and it went on to tell me a ton of ideas that seem all over the place. So I asked my brain to come up with just one idea. The idea that emerged was to take it slow and to just focus on social media and do what I am doing.
It made me feel angry at myself.
And being angry makes me just take action that is just “paper filling” meaning I just post anything without giving it proper energy. It’s not sloppy but rushed.
And of course the result is nothing.
I can’t find a model that can create a result that adds more money to my pressing issue of paying my monthly installment, especially quickly. I still don’t have enough trust online and at the same time, I haven’t been focusing offline so I don’t really have a network. AND I don’t have money to spend on facebook ads…
Ok, so now I really am going into a spiral of useless thoughts
The fact remains that the evidence my brain goes back to seems very true.
And the result is that I don’t know what to do.
Now my brain is telling me to post on Ask Coaches to get help!