Nuts and bolts entrepreneur questions

Hi Brooke! I am working to develop my offers of help and value to my niche: Smart & busy divorced moms who want to get remarried and are interested in online dating. I am developing valuable offers via a series of blog posts and free resources and I’m aligning my website with this new specific niche market. I am wondering what resources you recommend for the following technical aspects of building a business:
How to publish your own book (nuts and bolts of self-publishing)
How to link your website to an email service that sends out emails when people interact with webpages you’ve created.
How to create a podcast (again, the nuts and bolts of how it works)
And I know you suggest a Facebook training or person, but I cannot remember who that is.
Thank you for everything you do. Since I joined SCS at the end of October, I’ve lost 14 pounds, I have a vision and plan for my future that I am 100% committed to and believe in, and I am profoundly deepening my relationship with my fiance by managing my mind. He (and I) has been blown away by my success and the difference in how I’m managing my mind in only ONE MONTH! I have not only learned from you, but also from so many courageous clients who have written in. So thank you to you and to this wonderful community of Scholars!
~Laura in Chicago