Observing thoughts about not wanting to drink

I just made it to VIP Status- Yay me! I love your program.
My goal is to lose 15lbs and reduce my drinking. I’m having a difficult time with not drinking, but not over eating, but am losing very little weight, so am very frustrated. So I decided I needed to stop alcohol to see if that would allow me to reach my goal weight. What I noticed with this decision was my brain would tell me daily that it’s alright to drink with thoughts like: you’ve had a hard day, your body hurts, alcohol will relax you….blah,blah,blah. And of course I would believe it. So then I decided to have a conversation with this part of my brain and tell it all the reasons why I feel I don’t want to drink, like I want to lose weight, I want to sleep better, feel better, be present in my life etc. At first the brain would come back with counter excuses, so finally I told it to “stop it”. And surprise it shut up and now I feel more in control and I’m not drinking. Is this a form of “will power” or allowing urges and not drinking? Thanks!