What the heck is wrong with me??

I’m driven, I’m on task, I make lists and do get a lot done when engaged. I love Google calendar, lists and apps to help me be more efficient. I own a business so I always feel pulled in many directions and work to try to focus and prioritize. But I dawdle and waste time sometimes and it drives me crazy. The outcome is always so annoying and yet I continue to do it! What the heck?

Great example – I worked from home this morning to “get some critical things done.” I wanted to focus on a performance appraisal I’m prepping and also do commission reports. I would have loved to take my dog for a 30 minute walk but convinced myself I was too busy. And then the dawdling started. I emailed, checked websites, hugged my dog several times, looked into some remote items, texted some people, etc. I did speak to a customer, but other than that, I haven’t started the review or the other things I needed to work on and now it’s time to go to the office. AND I could have had plenty of time to walk my dog (which I love how you incorporate that into many of your days) but I wasted precious time and I have nothing gratifying to show for it. When I feel this way, I hate hate it. I’m in control of my time and I have no one to blame but myself. I’m smarter than this, I’m better than this – I want to move forward and make time for the “big rocks” – I want to do better and stop this frustrating cycle.

In anticipation for April’s awesome Scholars topic, what is my problem?