Is it okay to skip breakfast and lunch, if I’m not feeling hungry?

Hi Brooke,

My main goal for 2017 is weight loss.

I have been trying to follow your eating programme –
– coffee in the morning (already a habit, not a new one);
– fasting until midday;
– eat healthy lunch – no flour or sugar; no snacking;
– eat dinner earlier (I used to eat after 9pm almost every day) – no flour or sugar.

Question – is it okay to fast for longer, if i am not feeling hungry? I have always heard that you should eat several times throughout the day (and especially breakfast) to ensure the metabolism kicks in and is working in the background. However, after listening your overeating workshop, I understand that not eating lowers my insulin, which will help with weight loss.

So, if I am not feeling hungry at “lunch time”, is it okay to carry on fasting until I feel hungry, as long as it doesn’t result in binge eating at dinner time or unwanted snacking?

The concept of “dining in” has helped me and, well, let’s just say I have more than enough frozen dinners packed away in my fat storage deep freeze…

Thank you,