The Model on Coach Training

Hi Brooke,
I’m someone who has been drawn to coaching and the value it can bring since 2000. I’m also a self improvement person. I enrolled in CoachU and totally hated it, then enrolled in a different school which I liked somewhat better. Decided I didn’t want to be a coach, though I’ve had coaches and did receive tremendous benefit. Fast forward to 2016. Four years out from triple negative breast cancer treatment, and wondering what I’d like to do with my life, since I almost lost it and don’t want to waste my gift. I found a training program while on a website and immediately became obsessed with it. Spoke to people about it, and was very clear in my intention that I didn’t want to be a coach, I wanted to be a better me and a better Administrator. I enrolled, even though I thought the price tag for the application I wanted to use it for was way way too much money. Kept having nagging fears, doubts, about whether it was right so I disenrolled.

Now, I’m second guessing my decision, even though I’m pretty sure that intellectually (and financially) right now this was correct.

C training program disenrollment
T I made a mistake dropping out
F Confused, sad, agitated
A Keep going back to website, looking around

C training program disenrollment
T I don’t want to be a coach, I want to develop myself, it’s ok to change my mind and find a better fit for me and my budget
F empowered that I know that about myself
A continue with SCS
R the development I seek has already begun in month 1 of SCS with the model