Old mare / litigation with vet

My 26 year old mare died last winter. She suffered after 3 hours in my arms while waiting for the vet to arrive to euthanize her.

T: I am in the wrong because I did not see in time the evil that was gnawing at her.
E: guilt
A: inability to admit it was certainly too late
A: I asked the vet to treat her

C: The treatment was given on Monday whereas it could be given on Friday given the seriousness of the case
T: I think the vet was negligent, that he already considered my mare to be a lost cause, and that’s why he left the weekend past while the test results of blood showed a significant infection that should have been treated
F: anger
A: I refuse to try nothing
A: I ask him to come back on Monday and try something

C: On Monday the mare gets back
T: She fights, she will surely get away with it
F: hope
A: I continue the treatment
A: she spends the night from Monday to Tuesday

C: Tuesday morning the mare falls to the ground
T: it’s too late she won’t make it
F: despair / resignation
A: I call the vet to come and prick her
A: it arrives 3 hours later and the spades

C: the mare is dead
T: I might have been able to save her if the vet had put her on treatment before
F: sadness
A: crying
R: regrets

C: I receive the invoice for € 620 from the veterinarian without an accompanying note
T: I find his attitude scandalous after the way things turned out
F: scandalized / angry
A: I don’t want to pay without him admitting he was wrong and making mistakes
A: I would like to obtain redress

C: I receive the invoice for € 620 from the veterinarian without an accompanying note
T: How dare he send me his invoice without even a personal word or gesture regarding the mistakes he made
F: anger / hurt
A: I write a letter to tell him what I think
A: I don’t pay his bill

C: I tell my husband about the letter I am going to send to the vet and he dissuades me from doing so
T: I’m too tired to defend my opinion
F: weariness / resignation
A: I keep the envelope
A: I don’t pay the bill

C: one year later the vet reminded me by text
T: it had to happen but reading his message I think back to the event
F: and I feel again the anger rising in me
A: I tell him that I could pay but that I do not want to
A: He sends me back a message accusing me of calling him too late and telling me that he will take the matter to litigation

C: the vet says he will take the matter to litigation
T: I don’t want to vibrate on this kind of energy but I would like to get him to admit his wrongs
F: determination
A: I make an appointment with him to talk about it
R: the energy will be different, things can be said face to face and I could certainly end this story calmly

C: I decide to make an appointment with the vet to explain
T: if I lose my resources and things go wrong
F: fear
A: I don’t call him to make an appointment
A: the case goes to litigation = things are going badly

C: I make an appointment with the vet
T: I can do it I’m over my fear I’ll just say what I have to say
F: aligned
A: I show up for the meeting, I speak to him calmly and I ask him frankly if he does not want to make a gesture on the invoice to admit his share of responsibility in the sequence of things
A: I speak up, I act as a responsible adult, I also hear what he has to say to me and he too has the choice to take a step towards me

C: he decides to stay in his positions
T: I told him what I wanted him to hear
F: I feel aligned
A: I write the check for the amount
A: The case is closed. I won’t call on him again.

C: he decides to make a gesture
T: I’m happy I got what I wanted
F: I feel aligned
A: I write the check for the amount he asks me
A: The matter is closed, like two intelligent adults we can resume the serene course of our respective lives without resentment.

Do you think my models are correct and useful? I mean is it okay to tell the story as role models?
I mean go back in history like this?
it did me good and allowed me to reason. But is this an abuse of the model?
Thank you in advance for your comments.