on being by myself

It’s funny, I wasn’t ever really alone with myself for long periods of time until out of college and had to spend a week at a house all by myself and it really freaked me out. I didn’t like the quiet and trying to figure out to entertain myself. Ever since then, I’ve been beating myself up on not feeling comfortable being all alone (unless I’m working, but it’s like buffering). For example, I have a lot of thoughts about being by myself during this time of year when my husband and daughter go skiing a lot (I don’t ski and it’s great they do this together) and not seeing the opportunity to spend time with myself when this happens. I just feel uncomfortable and anxious and think what am I going to do with myself? I’ve been able to get into hobbies in the past that I’ve felt passionate about and I’ve used work as a distraction, but I’m really seeing it as just distractions and want to learn how to be with myself and not be freaked out and uncomfortable. Any advice?