On Keeping Hundreds of Notes

I’ve been listening to Brooke’s podcast from the start and am a quadruple Diamond Scholar.

I have collected hundreds of notes I’ve been taking from her podcasts, webinars courses and I keep them in cabinets in my home office.

Today I was doing some de-cluttering and really wanted to let go of all these piles of notes.
They take up so much space for me and they are also a reminder for me that I have to keep them because I never know when I will fall again and need to read them all from the beginning.
That makes me feel frightened and I don’t want to feel that without them I don’t have within me the wisdom and knowledge to deal with whatever comes.
Most of them are the work I did around flour and sugar.
I lost 45 pounds when I just joined scholars and kept gaining and losing them a few times over the past 3 years.

When I try to imagine the woman I am becoming (who doesn’t eat flour and sugar and is naturally slim), she’s not busy sitting around and keeping notes about how to stop overeating and how to process urges. She found a protocol that works for her and she runs with it and is busy with living.

Yet a part of me thinks it’s important to keep them.

I wonder if you can shed a light on what this is.
It feels like if I choose to throw them I might miss out on important knowledge I could never get back again or that I will need to look for again.