On vacation too!

I’m on vacation with my family and fond myself giving in to the temptation to eat more than when I’m at home. I’m definitely buffering and what I’m buffering against is homesickness (even though I’m a grownup traveling with my husband and our two kids!) and this curious feeling that I am floating, untethered somehow. I feel I’m seeking a sense of home and familiarity in food.

Here are some alternate thoughts I’m playing with, I’d love it if you had more to add:

Home is wherever I am.

I’m feeling a little homesick and that’s ok.

I will find my footing in this rented house within the next few days. I can sit with the homesickness until then.

The homesickness is here to teach me something, and help me grow. I need to experience it to find out how.

Food is not home.

I don’t use food for comfort.