Online Dating/Meeting Lifemate Organically

Online Dating/Meeting Lifemate Organically

Happy Friday, Brooke 🙂

I know in a more recent “Ask Brooke” I posted, you mentioned that I try this thought in a model (“I am going to do whatever it takes to meet my life mate by the end of the year”), but the question I have for you is about my feelings towards online dating.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing by any means, but I would really prefer to meet my life mate organically or by not using electronic means. Is this thought I have an excuse to prevent me from doing the action you provided (“Do whatever it takes to go on 300 dates”)? I can see you saying “Well, if you’re going to do whatever it takes to meet him by the end of the year, doesn’t online dating fall into this category?” The reason I feel strongly about meeting my life mate organically is because I know it’s possible since it seems to be how most couples I know have met (There I go comparing my journey to theirs again, but that’s a different conversation), and I know the same can be true for me, even though it’s a more passive thought/action vs. doing online dating again.

I already know that when I meet someone while I’m out and about (I’m planning to spend more time out doing activities I enjoy like new gym classes, SCS homework at Starbucks or hiking/walking), that I’m going to get over my shyness and start conversations and hell, even ask the guy out on a date, but I’m wondering if my thoughts towards online dating/meeting my lifemate organically is really an excuse.

Thank you so much for your help with this! I’m getting more and more clarity everyday on this circumstance in my life because of your guidance!