Open for another How? Or sticking to the one I planned? Art sale 2020.

Would you commend on my ‘story’?
My impossible goal is selling 25 paintings. My goal for last year was selling the house we then lived in. We weren’t able to sell our house last year, but the day we decided to rent out our house in December 2019 (because we didn’t want to stay empty when we moved), and posted a small ad we got within an hour a phone call from a nice man. He and his wife were able to meet the day after. The moment they came in, we started to talk with the 4 of us, it clicked. Within an hour we had sorted everything out. A rental contract for 5 years. Tenants we love, and we have so much in common with. As a business they renovate old buildings, turn them in to lofts, apartments etc. Exactly what we do as well.

She commented on my art that I had in our house, and asked if I was okay with leaving some for her to enjoy. So I did. Since December we met already 3 more times (more than we meet our friends!) for practical reasons like signing the contract, combined with lunch or dinner. Friday was our 3rd lunch. I felt resistance to go, like the last time. Why? I thought: “I better spend my time painting, or finally be able to make pictures that are great for my website”. “I don’t have time”.

I went anyway and we met. Before we had lunch they wanted to show us the lofts they had reformed. The former factory was transformed into great apartments and a few lofts. The two lofts we saw were full of modern art paintings. During lunch she mentioned again she really loved my paintings in our, now their, house.

Back in the car, my husband asked me “did you hear what she said?”, “did you hear what she tells you for the x-th time?”  And yes, I was aware of what she said. I thought “that’s’ nice she likes my paintings, but(!) I’ve to get back to work on my pics and website otherwise I don’t sell anything this year”.

And then. Now. I ask myself. I might be confused. I had such a rigid idea on how I’ll sell the paintings, that I’m not open for any other ‘How?’ What is a website is not my way? What if the website is part of it all, but not the main ‘How?’ I’m looking at others how they sell art and try to copy them. But my way might be different. Yesterday I spend another day making pictures of my paintings for the 4th time. With all the instructions I have. The right camera, the right tripod, the right light. Still the pictures don’t represent my paintings. I consider it C-(!) work.

What if the new tenant is part of my ‘How’? What if I ask her if she’s interested to buy, or have an idea who else might be interested in my art?Last week I’ve also been asked for another art exhibition. I like that. I’ll do that. But it’s like I’m so convinced of my way that I lose sight on the options that present themselves, or are presented to me.

I was listening to Abraham Hicks and thought. I might be trying to go upstream (so it feels, I feel no joy at all) instead of going with the stream. It doesn’t have to be hard. Does it? What about, “I can do hard things?”

I’ve a hard time knowing when to let go. E.g.The website, making the pictures again and again. Not being satisfied. And at the same time, people come to me with alternative options to show my art, me hesitating spending time and energy on. An alternative ‘How?’

– How do you see this in the context of knowing ‘the How?’.
– Doing hard things vs going with the stream.
– And not selling the house, but finding the perfect tenant within an hour when I let go of the thought (and stress) selling was the only option.

A have many thoughts, this is one model I made:

C. Selling my 25 paintings in 2020
T. This is very hard
F. Resistance
A. Trying the same things over and over; making pictures of my work, make a website, looking for art selling sites, complaining, buffering with painting
R. It’s even getting harder (feeling?)

T. The How might be different then I initially thought
F. Open
A. Speak with tenant on art, see how to promote upcoming exhibition, see how I can pay someone to make pics of my art.
R. Figured out the best How for me

Thank you!!