Out the Window

Hi Brooke,
I joined SCS to work on my lack of confidence and self trust to deliver a teaching program later in the year. The work we are doing in SCS is profound and I know I will uncover the confidence and trust I need. I can see that potential. That is exciting. It is what I need to find myself and to nail what needs to be done later in the year. But I have lost focus with developing and planning my creative teaching. I cannot seem to divide my attention or concentrate on it. My project has gone out the window in terms of organization, interest and focus. I listened to your podcasts prior to joining SCS and I created a timeline plan to get me there without my usual anxiety and self sabotage. I also wrote visualizations as if it had already happened. At present I feel I have abandoned the planning and the focus on this project. I know action must be taken for change to take place. Does this sound like I am indulging in passive action or a form of buffering?
Thank you for your insight.