I just wanted to thank you for the over-desire episode yesterday. I watched it live, then again today. While I am actually underweight a bit, I use your modules for staying on my autoimmune diet. I get very sick if I venture into gluten or dairy, which I did after my daughter’s wedding this past weekend. I was super strict with my food the whole weekend, even skipping the wedding cake, but once the happily married couple was off and the venue cleaned up, I went back to the hotel and indulged badly. I didn’t even try not too. And when I flew home two days later, getting back off the sugar/gluten/dairy was like starting over (as far as the over-desire I was dealing with). Your episode from yesterday–and I loved having a long teaching segment first–was so helpful and encouraging. I will probably need to watch your recording every day this coming week, but I feel so encouraged that nothing “strange” happened to me, that there is a plan to deal with it, and I can get back to the healthy place I was in before the wedding. Thank you!