Over Drinking

I have been doing the over drinking program for about a month now.  I believe in it and it has helped me a ton.  My question is, what to do if my spouse does not support me in this program?  I am not ready to stop drinking completely but want to drink less.  My drinking has caused my spouse and I to have relationship problems and my spouse is afraid drinking is more important than our relationship.  I do not believe this.  I just want to decrease my drinking the right way so it doesn’t backfire on me.  I feel he wants me to do it the way he thinks I should.

I have tried to stop in the past and it has lead me to lying to my spouse.  I want to be honest and drink in a healthy balanced way.  Am I being selfish by not stopping drinking for our relationship?  He gets anxiety when I drink any alcohol.  I have started to tell him about this program and would like him to be involved if he can support me in it.  He thinks I should also get some type of evaluation from a professional in case my problem is serious or I am an alcoholic.  Thank you!