Yep. I admit…I’m a read-a-holic. I LOVE books and blogs and magazines. I’m addicted to reading. If that’s my addiction, I’m ok with it. It only adds to my life (except when I’m reading instead of picking up my kids – oh yeah, I read doing that too). Anything to feed this wordi-vo-rous brain of mine. It’s all high quality stuff here, but it’s just A LOT!

How do you break down your reading time and still get shit done? For eg. If I have 7 books that I want to read and 1 hour a day…do you do one chapter of each or get ‘er done with one at a time?

Do you kindle, audible or paperback?

I know this may seem like an incredibly silly question to have to ask someone, but maybe you have a plan that works.

Traci Elliott