Overdrinking thinking change

Each day I have been doing thought downloads, unintentional and intentional thought patterns and the Plan is to unanswer the bell and not drink at “5 o’clock somewhere”. Did it and did it again at 6. Then planned to have 3 drinks at 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 and then nothing after nine. I want to get it to two by the end of the month. Here’s the kicker, and this has happened three days in a row. After that third glass the rebel in me starts chirping, “oh just a little bit more won’t matter.” And I am now staying up late and that three becomes four. I am not changing my thought patterns. I am still trying to squeeze from the outside in, not the inside out like I need and all I’m doing is making it worse. My thoughts are muddied after three glasses and I can’t seem to get to the thought that needs changing. Help.