Overeaters Anonymous vs. Self Coaching Model

I attended one meeting and it came across as disempowering method. Its main purpose seems to be to keep the overeater for the rest of her life, holding the identity of “I am an overeater, I am an addict, I can’t manage myself around food, I will always fail, If I won’t keep coming here I will fall back,’ when it is clear as a day that a glance at the room and at their statistics, their method is highly unsuccessful.
The whole system is based on fear. Fear of food, fear of oneself, and not allowed to mention names of foods.

Part of recovery, according to them, is admitting that you are a compulsive overeater, (or bulimic, or anorexic) and admitting that you will never fully recover. As such, you are not allowed to say ‘I am recovered’ but only ‘in recovery.’

The person who has an eating disorder is already identified with it. That is the problem. Your coaching seem to allow to loosen the eating disorder’s grip identity, not strengthen it.

I wonder what are your thoughts of Overeaters Anonymous?