No sugar ever again+goal weight?

Hi Brooke-I’ve been off desserts since December 10th. I was incredibly emotionally attached to cake. LOL. I feel great and I’m not missing it. When I do miss it I coach myself to see what the real issue is. This has all been life-changing. Thank you so much for your latest work. Love it.

A couple of quick questions:
1. Do you ever eat sugar on a joy eat? Do you still joy eat? Is it your plan never ever to have sugar again? My kids keep asking me when I’m going to eat dessert again, and I don’t care all that much to add it back in.
2. I am down about 10ish lbs to 136, my goal weight has always been 135 but I see that I can certainly have a goal of at least 130-especially with your new tools. What would you recommend for a 5″4 medium frame? I was thinking 130. This would be my lowest ever. I was 138 in high school. Should I be shooting for 125?

Crystal…your biggest Canadian fan 🙂